New York City streets are filled with gaping holes excised into the pavement due to assaults by the weather or bad repair work. They are more numerous in lower income neighborhoods than in the areas where wealth affords a certain level of privilege, even when it comes to potholes.

Occasionally, street crews appear slowly attempt to rectify the situation by filling in the offending holes. This occurs more frequently during political campaigns or when a mayor needs to prove that he or she (mostly he) is magnanimous. But, the speed of the repair work never seems to keep pace with new breaches.

The mission of The Pothole Proliferation Project is to correct the neighborhood inequality. Our team has scattered throughout the city, photographing potholes where they live. The potholes are moved to another part of the city miraculously appearing on the formerly pristine streets of the upscale areas in the hopes of drawing attention to the plight of the poorer neighborhoods.